Prospective & Enrolled Multi-program Students & Families

Multi-programs range from four to six weeks and represent the pinnacle of the GLA experience. These in-depth programs give students the opportunity to experience two different countries in one summer. 

Families are responsible for making their own flight arrangements to each program country destination. GLA highly encourages families considering a multi-program or already enrolled in a multi-program to contact our recommended travel agent, STA Travel to make travel arrangements. STA Travel is familiar with GLA's programs and arrival and departure windows. They can provide you assistance in selecting  safe and secure flights for your travel. They are also able to connect you on flights other students in your program are booking.

If you decide to book your flights independently once enrolled, the prescribed times can be found by selecting your program country below. Please feel free to use the information regarding our arrival and departure parameters to get a better idea of flight costs prior to enrolling in a program. 

Should you have questions about obtaining flights for a GLA program, please call us at 858-771-0645. Once enrolled in a program, you will also receive access to the Travel Portal which will give you access to other students in your programs, their location, contact information and flight details once we receive them. 

PLEASE NOTE: Multi-programs available this summer are listed here. Should you be interested in a multi-program not listed on the application page, please contact Global Leadership Adventures.

**Our programs begin once students arrive in-country. Families are responsible for making their own flight arrangements and for sending a copy of the complete flight itinerary to Global Leadership Adventures**

Recommend Travel Agent

STA Travel 
Click HERE to view STA and GLA's prospective student web portal. Submit an online form with your contact information to get started using STA to book your flights. After this form is completed, STA will reach out to you.

CALL: 877-211-4351
OPEN: Monday-Saturday 6am - 7pm (Arizona time zone); Sunday 7am - 4pm (Arizona time zone)

NOTE: Contact STA Travel to confirm the most updated route information, 877-211-4351