Multi-Programs Within Costa Rica

Suggested Route 

The suggested route - usually the most direct, least number of stops, and always leaving from a US gateway airport. Often times, multiple students from the same program will be on this flight, simply because it is a popular route to take. We cannot guarantee that other students will be on this flight, but very often, there are. You do not have to take the suggested route, it is just one option. You may take any flight you wish that falls within the flight parameters for each program.

PLEASE NOTE: Multi-programs available this summer are listed here. Should you be interested in a multi-program not listed on the application page, please contact Global Leadership Adventures for further assistance 858-771-0645.

NOTE: Contact STA Travel to confirm the most updated route information, 877-211-4351

1. Suggested route to arrive to first program:
(the links below will navigate you to each program's flight parameters)

2. Getting to your next program:

No flight is necessary to link programs within the same country arriving to the same airport. Student will be taken to the airport by GLA staff on the final day of the first program and transfer to the next program. 

For Flights between Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR) and San Jose, CR (SJO):
  • We recommend using Nature AirSTA Travel can provide assistance with this booking, 877.211.4351

3. Suggested route to return home:
(the links below will navigate you to each program's flight parameters)