IMPORTANT: If you are 14 years old or younger at the time of your GLA program, then you will be required to travel as an unaccompanied minor. Read about these specific airline policies here.

Flight Requirements:

  • Fly into the arrival airport for the first program of your multi-program. Please reference specifics under the program page.
  • Fly out of the departure airport of the first program and into the second program of your multi-program. Flights between programs are not included in the tuition. Please reference specifics under both program specific pages. See below for suggested flights between common multi-programs.
  • Fly out of the departure airport of your second program.

Suggested Routes Between Common Multi-Programs:

Suggested Route between: China: Mandarin Service Adventure (July 5-25) & India: The Initiative for Children (July 25 - Aug 24)

  • China Southern Flight 3000 departing Beijing Capital (PEK) at 09:30am - Thu, Jul 25 arriving Guangzhou (CAN) 12:50pm - Thu, Jul 25
  • China Southern Flight 363 departing Guangzhou (CAN) at 04:15pm - Thu, Jul 25 arriving Bangkok (BKK) 05:55pm - Thu, Jul 25
  • Thai Smile Airways Flight 2343 (or Thai Airways Flight 2343) departing Bangkok (BKK) 10:05pm - Thu, Jul 25 arriving Jaipur (JAI) 01:15am - Fri, Jul 26

Suggested Route between:

Recommended Travel Agency Partner

If you are looking for some guidance in booking flights, GLA has partnered with STA Travel in order to simplify the process. Regardless of how you plan on booking your flights, we recommend you speak with our travel agency partner first to ensure that you are getting the best deal and that you are booking the correct itinerary per GLA requirements and airline policy.

STA Travel - Work with a live agent. Submit an online form with your contact information to get started using STA Travel. After this form is completed, a live agent will reach out to you within 48 hours with flight options.

    • INFO FORM: Click HERE to access STA and GLA's webform.
    • CALL: 877-211-4351
    • HOURS: Monday-Saturday 6am - 7pm (Arizona time zone); Sunday 7am - 4pm (Arizona time zone)

Please do NOT book your flight until your Travel Coordinator has given you the go ahead! This will come either in the email titled, "Welcome Aboard! Save this Email!" or in a subsequent email.