Flight Portal

Welcome Students & Families!

We are excited for the opportunity to have you on a Global Leadership Adventures program this summer! Please feel free to use the information on this portal to get a better idea of flight costs prior to enrolling in a program. 

While Global Leadership Adventures does not book flights, we do have an expert travel agency partner who does! To allow maximum freedom and flexibility, you do have the option of booking air travel independently, using airline miles that you may have accrued, your own travel agency, or via whatever source you wish.  However, we do ask that you contact our travel agency partners first to ensure that you are getting the best deal and traveling within the Global Leadership Adventures' arrival and departure requirements. 

Our travel agency partner can search for flights with all major airlines, flights that other students are taking, and flights suitable for your age at the time of travel. You will find the Global Leadership Adventures' arrival and departure guidelines by clicking the country and program from the menu on left hand side of this page.

Should you have questions about obtaining flights for a GLA program, please call us at 858-771-0645 to speak with an Admissions Coordinator. Once enrolled in a program, you will also receive access to the Travel Portal where you can see other students' flights once we receive them. 

Please do NOT book your flight until you have enrolled and we have given you the go ahead! 

This will come either in the email titled, "Welcome Aboard! Save this Email!" or in a subsequent email.