About Our Partners

If you are looking for some guidance in booking flights, GLA has partnered with StudentUniverse in order to simplify the process. Regardless of how you plan on booking your flights, we recommend you speak with our travel agency partner first to ensure that you are getting the best deal and that you are booking the correct itinerary per GLA requirements and airline policy.

There are multiple ways to work with StudentUniverse; you can call or email to work with a GLA dedicated travel agent or you can go online. Should you choose to go online please pay close attention to your program's specific arrival and departure requirements.

    • CALL: 888-963-7087


    • ONLINE: Click Here ** If you are interested in a Delta, KLM or Air France flight, please call or email StudentUniverse.

      • IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR BOOKING ONLINE: When searching for a flight online with StudentUniverse, try filtering your search by selecting "youth" as the TICKET TYPE. When you proceed to book your ticket and are asked to create a personalized account, be sure to select "neither" and not "student" or "faculty member".

    • HOURS: Monday to Friday 9:00 (9:00am) to 20:00 (8pm) EST **Closed on weekends.

    • SERVICE FEES: Online Bookings USD$7, Bookings made over the phone or via email USD$30