Suggested Routes

Come Thanksgiving time, GLA will release suggested routes for each of our programs. Suggested routes are formulated based off the previous year's trends and can come in handy when looking for direction with booking flights. They are usually the most direct flight, have the least number of stops and always leave from a US gateway city.

Often times, multiple students from the same program will be on this flight, simply because it is a popular route to take. We cannot guarantee that other students will be on this flight, but very often, there are. You do not have to take the suggested route, it is just one option. You may take any flight you wish that falls within the flight parameters above.

Suggested Route for Unaccompanied Minors

Please do NOT book your flight until your Travel Coordinator has given you the go ahead! This will come either in the email titled, "Welcome Aboard! Save this Email!" or in a subsequent email.