Who meets my student in country?

GLA staff picks up every student at the airport upon arrival. We will send down all student flight information beforehand and our in-country staff will monitor flight delays and changes. Due to tight airport security, the team is not allowed to enter the restricted area of the airport. Students will pass through immigration, baggage claim, and customs and then be greeted by a GLA staff member holding a “Global Leadership Adventures” sign and wearing a red GLA shirt. Students are strongly encouraged to wear their blue GLA T-shirt to make it easy to spot them. Click here to purchase additional styles.

How will I know my student arrived safely?

Upon arrival, students will phone parents to inform them of their safe arrival. Students can use their own phone if they prefer, but will also have access to staff phones for this purpose. Please allow 3-4 hours after your student has landed to receive this phone call. There will be delays in exiting customs and delays with all students using 1-2 phones to call home.

How does the customs and immigration process work?

At immigration, students will need to present their passport, as well as arrival card if required. The arrival card will be passed out on the airplane by airline personnel, or they will be available before after disembarking the plane and reaching the immigration desk. 

Students can easily complete the arrival card with the aid of the GLA Contact Card that will be prior to departure. 

After immigration, student's will collect their baggage and continue on to customs. 

Customs is the place where the local government checks to see what you are bringing into the country. Usually, one will pass through without incident. Occasionally, the customs officials will open your bags. 

Do I need to check my student in for their flight online before they depart?

Nope! We will go old-school and arrive at the airport early so that staff can get students checked in at the ticketing counter, assist with checked bags, etc. No need to check them in beforehand! Staff will wait at the airport until all students are through security in case there are any issues.